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This news was met with mixed reviews. Some commentators in Scotland, where the law has already been changed, believe that the rental market has adapted and improved as a result of this change.  
Most professionals south of the border remain skeptical. It's difficult to know what the government's motivation is. Do they want more landlords to evict themselves from the rental market thereby freeing up more properties for sale and increasing home ownership? 
Or do they want tenants to be given more security? If it's the latter, it's doubtful that scrapping Section 21 will have the desired effect. Very few landlords want to see good tenants leave anyway; so legislation to make it more difficult serves little purpose in most cases. Making it more difficult to remove tenants will just lead to landlords being much more strict about who they let to in the first place. 
Perhaps if anyone had faith that the court process would be improved, so that landlords could at least use grounds under Section 8 that would be something. But everyone knows that courts work to their own time clock and not to real time like businesses have to. 
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